New Age




Neo-paganism is a modern take on ancient practices, including traditions from a variety of cultures, such as Germanic, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse and Egyptian. Most commonly, afterlife has two themes in contemporary pagan beliefs: afterlife and the Summer Lands. All is seen as a cycle - from life to death - with a brief stay in Summer Lands before rebirth. Summer Lands is a form of paradise - feasting, relaxing and eternal summer with no disease or old age, much like the beliefs of pagans and Celts in ancient times.




Most Wiccans celebrate the living and the experience of life. In death they are concerned primarily of the loss of that person to the world - to the family and friends they leave behind. Wiccan beliefs are allowably varied. Afterlife concepts - or what happens after death - are a personal belief based on one's experience and research. Essentially, afterlife is a choice: Christians go to the Christian afterlife, Hindus reincarnate, and Wiccans go to the afterlife they believe in.



Late Hellenic

Souls die and are judged. Some forget the life they lived and reincarnate, others travel to paradise, others to temporary (but often long) torment.




Good people go to paradise. Bad people reincarnate or are ghosts. Good people can reincarnate if they want.




People go to a life of everlasting summer and/or beauty and/or youth. (This differs in many ways from Celtic Reconstructionist belief, and can be said to be a sort of oversimplification of their thoughts on the matter.)